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  1. Stephen

    I may have just missed it, but where will this facility be located?

    • Nathan

      Hi Stephen, we’re still working to narrow down the best options, but we do know the facility will be close to downtown with access to the LRT.

  2. Jonathan M

    Hi I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter, but your sign-up page won’t let me enter any email address – it shows red whatever I type and the SUBSCRIBE button will not activate (ie. is greyed out all the time). I have tried 3 different browsers on this Mac.

    • Author Nathan Armstrong

      Thanks Jonathan, we’ll fix that right away.

  3. Joe W

    Very exciting stuff! Any plans for using some of the space for education? I am a science/technology teacher interested in running after school and summer programs to introduce kids and teens to arduino, raspberry pi, 3d printing, etc.
    Will you be devoting some resources to community outreach projects like this? If so, I’d love to be a part of it!

  4. Waël T


    I’m writing to express my utmost interest in joining the Calgary MakerSpace Community.

    By way of background, my name is Waël and I recently moved to Calgary from Vancouver. I’ve been now living in Calgary for the last 2 months (albeit still in transit between the two cities) but will be settling in my new home-city next week.

    While not a designer by trade, I’ve been designing various small industrial projects within the confines of my own living space (I live in an apartment so you can imagine the limitations). With the new year, I’ve now resolved to take my creative drive into a more professional space, more conducive to collaboration and technical proficiency. I’ve considered kick-starting my own (small) maker lab, but would much rather join a community instead, which led me to you.

    I’m not sure what the requirements are to join your space, but I’m incredibly interested to get started. From the info on your website, I gather that this idea is still at the conceptual stage. I’m not sure where you are in the process, but to the extent that you need help in the financial/economic planning process, I’m more than happy (and extremely interested) to assist. I’ve spend more than a decade (and still am) in the financial economics field of business advisory services at a large multinational consulting firm, and there’s nothing that would give me more pleasure and satisfaction than to help see a project such as this one grow.

    So to sum up:
    (1) I’m interested in renting an artist studio space in the markerspace facility; and
    (2) I’m offering my professional experience if you need it during your business planning phase.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. Please let me know what I can do at this stage.

    Kind regards,


    • Nathan

      Hi W, thanks for the great message. We’re wide open to discuss your ideas. Email me at and we’ll set up a time to talk.

  5. Sabrina Z

    Hi, this project looks amazing!

    I’m still a student but I was wondering if there was anything I could help with to make it happen?

    I think it will be a great addition to the artistic community as well as the general public. I was wondering if you guys had thought of the possibility of using kickstarter as another way to obtain funding?

    Thank you for starting this project. I’m excited to learn more about future developments.

    Best of luck!

    • Author shoover

      Thanks Sabrina! We haven’t looked at kick starter as I think our fundraising goals for the project are a bit beyond what kickstarter would be appropriate for. We may look at crowd funding specific tools or events related to the project.

      If you’re interested in participating join us for one of our public events and we can discus it further then!

      Thanks for your support.

  6. Hello,

    The Calgary Makerspace project looks very exciting. I would love to work with the CM team in producing a promotional video for this wonderful program. A video that tells the story of what the CM project is & why it all started would help bring more awareness to the project.

    Would you be interested in such a product? Please let me know & we can start to discuss this idea in greater detail.


    • Author Nathan Armstrong

      Hi Adam, let’s talk!

      Cheers, Nathan

    • Nathan

      How about a coffee next week

  7. Corinne Sandhurst

    All the best with the June 30th event. We hope to be there to hear your news.


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